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Freelance seo specialists Netherlands

Master the next 2 things, and you’re absolutely guaranteeing
massive revenue, massive success, and long-term, monthly income:

Traffic + Convert That Traffic

Now ‘converting traffic’ is the 2nd part of the equation to master, literally.
freelance seo netherlands

Freelance seo consultants Netherlands

You go out and have a bunch of people landing on your offer, some
like what they see, some don’t, and it’s all a matter of using a couple
of tools and some creativity to make it far more attractive to most people Freelance seo consultants netherlands

Boom = conversions = sales = hello, new house/car/vacation/no debt record

About 70% of Online Marketing, is getting (and finding quality) traffic.

You have that 70%, and learning the other 30% will be making you
THOUSANDS in a matter of weeks

The ‘hard part’ is finding that traffic source to test with and keep coming, here our freelance seo Netherlands comes in, our consultants can help you to achieve high rankings,better converions with LSI and SILO SEO technics. Contact our freelance seo consultants Netherlands now.

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JW Bertrand is een toegewijd en gedreven Internet Marketing Specialist met meer dan 15 jaar ervaring in het werken van een groot aantal projecten voor kleine tot high-end klanten.

Gespecialiseeerd in het maximaliseren van van websites via organische SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, LSI, SEO SILOS , Market Research en Social Media campagnes. Search specialties: SEO, Google AdWords (Search network, Display network), Content Marketing, Linkbuilding, AdWords Remarketing, SEO Copywriting, Google Shopping, Web Analytics (Google Analytics/Universal Analytics), Google Webmaster Tools, Blogging, Organic Search, SEO Strategy, Keyword Research, SEO Project Management, Wordpress SEO, Magento SEO.